Sten Sub-Machine Gun- The sten gun is a 9 mm sub machine gun that operates with a “blowback” cycling technique. The bolt of the gun is propelled with a large spring that when the trigger is pulled, it releases the spring so that it reloads a new cartridge immediately after the primer in the first bullet is fired. This makes for a decent amount of firing with 550 rpm. The open bolt design allows for cooling of the action of the sub machine gun. The gun heats easily due to the energy released from the explosion of the cartridge primer of the gun.

M1918 BAR- The BAR is a selective fired, air-cooled rifle that was originally designed and used in the United States military, but was later adopted by Great Britain as well. It is fully automatic and is gas operated by long stroke piston rod. The rifle fires with an open bolt, like many other automatic weapons. It has a unique trigger mechanism that allows a switch between semi-automatic and an automatic firepower. Being the BAR is a 30.06, you would think that it would have strong recoil, but because of the heavy weight of this machine gun, the kick from the rifle is not nearly as bad as a sport version of the rifle, due to the conservation of momentum.