This is a group project involving AP Government students from Ms. Axe and AP Physics students from Mr. Smith.

You need to form a group, pick an idea, and begin working.

Forming a group: Your group must consist of students from both classes and be no larger than five. All students must join the wiki with their own account. Groups should be 3-4 in size.

Picking a topic / idea: There is a list on the home link with ideas. You can pick from the list or come up with your own. Once you have decided, go to the Groups page and list your group members with first names only and project idea. Each group must do a unique project.

Communicating: Groups should communicate through the discussion tab in this wiki or via Gaggle mail. Any emails sent should carbon copy (CC) both Mr. Smith and Ms. Axe

Due Date: All projects must be complete by Wednesday, May 30th.

Grades: The grade for the project will count in both classes.


AP Physics
AP Gov
Matt A

Colby B

Logan B

Nolan D

Julie F
Harmony A

Evan N

Melanie O