Mr. Smith and Ms. Axe would like to give some structure to the way in which you will be evaluated. Each teacher will be grading the project for their own content. Although students may have their own opinions, we feel we have just enough understanding of the other class to help in that area. Here are the categories:

Note: We will discuss the exact parameters of each area as your project topic is developed. Each group will help to develop their own specific rubric.

Course Content (Science - Graded by Mr. Smith) - Your project should describe all scientific phenomena associated with the topic. There should be a significant amount of detail to get an understanding of the concept

Course Content (SS - Graded by Ms. Axe) - Your project should describe government policies or principles associated with your topic.

Communication - You must make your collaborative efforts transparent. Either use the wiki, the discussion tab or send emails that cc Mr. Smith and Ms. Axe.

Connections (double weight) - This is the most important area. How is your topic interrelated between science and government?

Creativity - Your project should include dynamic material that draws the user in. Consideration will be made for projects that are created "outside the box". Consider making presentations that stray from the norm.

Technical aspects - You need to choose an appropriate medium for communicating your information. Your project should include text, images, sounds, and videos as appropriate.

English Stuff - All of your work should contain proper spelling and grammar. You must also cite your resources. Remember that we will be displaying the final product online and that copyright most definitely applies. Use the information in the wiki to request permission for use of images when needed.