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This website about Benjamin Franklin was created in a collaboration between AP Physics and AP Government classes. The purpose of this site is to link the history side of Franklin's life with the science behind his findings. Within this site, you will find all about Franklin's life, including his biography and his ideas.

One of the most famous of the early founders of the country, Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents. Being in his long lifetime a writer, scientist, inventor, philosopher, ambassador, politician, printer, musician, economist, and admired businessman, Franklin not only knew it all, he also did it all. In a rewarding collaborative effort, we took an in depth look at several of his inventions, focusing on the history and science behind his spectacular creations.
In order to understand the true magnitude of Franklin’s inventions, it is necessary to understand the background of the man who created them. Benjamin Franklin is a name that is recognized in every household in America because of his contributions to every aspect of our country. A look at his biography and inventions, however, will remind the viewer of just how far Franklin had to come.

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