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The Cold WarPresented to you by Savannah, Alex, Jeff, John, Kelsey & Andy

The Cold War was a prime example of government and science coming together, both to create and solve problems. It was a period of tension and growth as Communism and Democracy clashed with the intent of establishing dominance over the other. As the struggle grew between the two, the race to discover new technologies and weaponry was on. Each country developed numerous technologies that had never been imagined before, much less seen, but the breakthroughs made during the Cold War made this possible. As Democracy grew in power and made new advances in the field of science, Communism was forced to strengthen its political power by making advances of its own. Thus, science and politics grew together and around each other as the countries battled it out.

This combination of government and technology, and the effects each had on one another, is the essence of the Cold War.

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Please note that the events selected for detail were chosen because they best modeled the relationship between government & science in this crucial time in history. This does not undermine the importance of the other events relative to the Cold War as a whole, but rather selects a few focal points for simplicity's purpose.

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