Car Safety: The Physics and the Legislation

When cars were first invented there was no legislation controling them and keeping them safe. Over the years both manufacturers and government officials have taken steps to make cars safer for those ridding within. This wiki will explain a little about both the physics and the legislative actions. It will focus on the five categories listed below. Hopefully you will learn something new in exploring this site.

State vs. Federal Legislation

Throughout the entire site there are references to resistance to certain bits of legislation. Most believe that these safety features are necessary, but their complaint is the government stepping in. Since cars were not invented untill nearly 100 years after the Constitution was signed, there is no mention of how the government should behave concerning this area. Some think that the federal government is not allowed to make any legislation and that it falls to the state to decide. That is why most of the legislation is by state, and not for the entire country. However the argument can be made that the making and selling of cars falls under the interstate commerce clause of the Constitution, and therefore can be legislated by the federal government.

Seat belts
Rear-view Mirror
Car Seats and Booster Seats
Braking System