This wiki has been created for use in AP US Gov and AP Physics to complete their collaborative projects. The project was originally created by Mr. Tim Smith and Mr. Ben Smith. We will be continuing this project for 2010 with Ms. Axe.

Students will be assigned into collaborative groups crossing the two classes. Your task is to complete an interdisciplinary project. Listed below are some options. Feel free to branch out on your own project - after seeking pre-approval.

Goals of the Project:
1. Make connections among key principles in government and science.
2. Use technology to collaborate on a large scale project.
3. Communicate your understanding of both science and government.

Key to the Project
You must justify your connections. This should be the strength of your project. How do science principles and government principles fit together, affect one another, interact, etc.

Sample Ideas
• Create a timeline of events
• Explore connections among famous scientists and political philosophers. For example Issac Newton and John Locke were friends. Are there connections in their work.
• Explore connections between US legislation and policy / government regulation / federal court rulings and science related matters. This could touch on historical occurrences such as the Manhattan project or the Tennessee Valley Authority or modern topics such as the connection between the Clean Air Act and our energy problems.
• Examine the cross-discipline impact of the work of Benjamin Franklin.

Required Components of the Project
Citation of Sources
Historical Timeline

Keys to Success
Make User-Created Content - Don't simply get other media - make your own.
We are looking for a dynamic presentation of material. It should not be a static page with only text and images.
You are being graded on creativity.